Alchemy of Fabric

The Alchemy of Fabric Club


---Taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary---

We invite you to join us in creating a “Fabric Story” each month with the characters of the fabrics we have curated for you. The stash you are building is your artist palette you draw from for a creative project. Look at fabric in a new way and build confidence in your choices.

Our intention for creating the "Alchemy of Fabric" club is to provide the spark...the catalyst...the inspiration...the core fabrics...for a project that your color palette is built upon. We have a monthly tutorial of insights, ideas, and inspiration on our blog for each fabric group chosen. We have also included 10 other recommended fabrics to expand from the core fabrics and further guide your choices.

 We are excited to share this educational opportunity as a study in color and fabric, as well as to help you build your artist palette of fabrics. As you practice designing your project from many different designers and collections, our hope is to facilitate greater confidence and empowerment in your creative pursuits..

 At the Stitchin' Post were are committed to creativity and inspiration, and we are now embarking on a journey opening to new options together, as the "Alchemy of Fabric" unfolds each month. Please share with us what the spark has ignited in you!

Kayley and Jean

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Monthly club includes seven curated fat quarters
$25/month (includes shipping and handling in US)

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While this is a mail-order fabric club, we want this to feel like a classroom when it comes to inspiration. Please share your work using the hashtag #AlchemyofFabric on your preferred social media platform so others can be inspired by your work. You can also search #AlchemyofFabric to see what others have done and to gain your own inspiration.

You can always see what we are doing here:


Fabrics are 44"- 45" wide and 100% cotton
Colors are representational and will vary from monitor to monitor.

alchemy of fabric march 2017 swatches


June 2017

alchemy of fabric march 2017 swatches

"Friend to All"

May 2017


alchemy of fabric march 2017 swatches

"Floral Fusion"

April 2017


alchemy of fabric march 2017 swatches

"Jean's Greens"

March 2017

alchemy of fabric february 2017 swatches

"Magenta Magic"

February 2017