Abstract Garden Seeds in Yellow from Contempo Studio CON3503-30


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  • Seeds - Abstract Garden Collection by Christa Quilts of Contempo Studio

    "Abstract Garden was inspired by my love for gardens, even though I have a hard time keeping anything alive!! I prefer abstract, geometric designs to realism so you won’t even find an actual floral print in any of the designs, yet they evoke things you might find in a “real” garden: Raised Beds, Trellis, Blooming Roses, Picket Fences, Tracks, and Seeds."
    -- Christa Watson

    ========== Abstract Garden Seeds in Turquoise from Contempo Studio VENDOR : Benartex DESIGNER : Contempo Studio LINE : Abstract Garden GENRE : Print, Brights, Geometric CONTENT : 100% Cotton WIDTH : 44" COLOR : Yellow, Multi UPC : 035033016 SKU : CON3503-30