-Alchemy of Fabric January 2018 - Game Night

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  • Alchemy of Fabric Club - January 2018 Packet - Game Night

    ---Taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary--- 

    Who doesn’t like to play with scrabble pieces and creating words?! Sarah Filke, who comes every other year to teach for us at the Quilter’s Affair, was at fall quilt market with her new release. I was really taken with the color combination in the top fabric, it is so fresh. As Val and I shopped market, we went to Jen Kingwell’s booth, which is always a treat, and came upon her strip prints which are such a bargain. There are eight 5” wide patterns printed on the running yardage. The variety in the print styles give the creator so many options. Then we threw in one of her dots in teal. The appeal in the dot print for me is the tiny grid background that gives the print some depth. We were very happy with ourselves when we found these seven pieces that work so well together. Now I am going to go home and piece a “Jen Block” since I have never done that.

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