Around Waterhole Red AWR M&S Textiles Australia


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Vendor: M & S Textiles
Line: Aboriginal Prints, Around Waterhole
Designer: Nambooka
Genre: Aboriginal
Color: Red, Black, Multi
Content: 100% cotton
Width: 44"/45"
Vendor SKU: AWR
  • Aboriginal Prints - AWR Around Waterhole Red by Nambooka for M&S Textiles

    Dreamtime: Nambooka is a well-known designer in the quilting world. Her designs are clear, colourful and very attractive. In this design, Nambooka depicted the happenings around a waterhole on a summer day.

    On a summer day, people wander around the bush to collect bush food and drink water from the waterholes. The semi-circles or ‘U’s are the people and their footsteps can be seen on the tracks. They use digging sticks to dig and gather food from the ground. Because of the hot day, animals like goannas, rainbow snakes, tortoises, and frogs can also be seen going to the waterhole for water. Some long gum leaves (eucalyptus leaves) and fruit had fallen to the ground.