Berroco Sesame # 407 Pattern Booklet


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  • Pattern Corrections:

    Marjoram, p. 41 in booklet
    Section 2: delete "end on WS." (You will actually be ending with a RS row.)
    - posted 10/22/19

    Lovage, p. 33-34 in booklet (PDF versions have been updated)
    Right Sleeve
    Rep Inc Row every 16th (16th, 12th 16th, 12th, 12th,12th, 6th) row 8 (8, 11, 8, 11, 11, 17) times more, working incs in Garter St...
    posted 7/22/19

    Collar: With RS facing, begin at lower right front edge, pick up and knit approximately 124 (124, 126, 126, 130, 130, 136) sts along right front edge, 38 sts across back neck edge, then 124 (124, 126, 126, 130, 130, 136) sts along left front edge, or 1 st in each st and 1 st in each garter ridge—286 (286, 290, 290, 298, 298, 310) sts. (Exact stitch count is not crucial.) Work even in Garter St for 4½", end on WS. Bind off purlwise on RS. Weave in all ends and block as desired.
    - posted 4/15/20

    ========== Authors/Designers: Amy Christoffers, Donna Yacino The Berroco #407 Sesame Pattern Booklet includes six patterns for projects using Sesame yarn: CAROB: An asymmetrical shawl which begins with the narrowest point and works out to the widest point, making the size easily customizable. FENUGREEK: Hat with matching mittens, is worked with two colors of Berroco Sesame. One ball of each color makes the whole set—perfect for gift knitting! MARJORAM: A Log Cabin quilt–inspired piece with just one color of Berroco Sesame! This poncho is worked modularly and features shaped shoulders to help keep you cozy. CORIANDER: Two colors of Berroco Sesame yarn are blended together in this sweater. A slipped-stitch colorwork pattern makes up the bottom of the body, while one color is used to knit the top and sleeves. RUE: Circular medallions make up this CROCHET wrap. Motifs are joined as you work for a quick, fun project! LOVAGE: Modular knitting makes the most of the color changes in Berroco's Sesame yarn. The sleeves and yoke of this cardigan knitting pattern are worked sideways to the center, then stitches for the lower section are picked up and worked down. Finally, a wide collar is knit around front openings and neck.