Bush Dreaming Utopia Black BDUB for M&S Textiles Australia


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Vendor: M & S Textiles
Line: Aboriginal Prints, Bush Dreaming Utopia
Designer: Tanya Price
Genre: Aboriginal
Color: Black, White
Content: 100% cotton
Width: 44"/45"
Vendor SKU: BDUB
  • Aboriginal Prints - BDUB Bush Dreaming Utopia Black by Tanya Price

    Dreamtime: Tanya Price has lived in Utopia all her life. She knows the area very well and many of the famous artists of Utopia are related to her. She grew up in Utopia with her family, friends, spinifex and other trees. There is an abundance of Dreamtime bush plum trees with yellow and red fruits. One cannot miss the waterholes guarded by wild floral plants. The colours of the floral plants are predominantly reddish and yellow.

    Tanya Price is an excellent artist from Utopia, and M&S Textiles Australia printed some of her designs on fabrics. Quilters, apparel manufacturers and accessories manufacturers loved her designs. Tanya’s design on best quality 100% cotton fabric opens up a new door to patchwork and quilting enthusiasts, dresses and clothing manufacturers, fashion and home decorative and many more.