Canna Blossom Appliqué Pincushion Kit

  • Layer wool, velvet, and ribbon together and let your creativity bloom! Embellish your Canna Blossom Pincushion with embroidery stitches to create a beautiful vase overflowing with stylized flowers and leaves.

    Finished Size: 5-1/2" x 5-1/2"

    Kit includes: hand dyed wools for background, backing + applique, cotton lining, hand dyed velvet, presto sheer, hand dyed buttons, ribbons, pattern for construction and stitch diagrams.
    Please note the following are not included: embroidery stitch (Creative Stitching Book by Sue Spargo is recommended), applique and embellishment threads, needles.
    Other things you will need:
    Creative Stitching Book by Sue Spargo
    Needles: #24 Chenille, #18 Chenille , #11 Short Darner, #11 Straw, #3 Milliners, #1 Milliners
    Wool Applique Thread
    Cotton Applique Thread
    Embellishment Threads
    Freezer Paper
    Applique Pins
    Chalk Pencil
    Ground Walnut Shells for filling