Chunklets - 16 sets of 5 - 1 1/2" squares wool

Let's just say the Charms and Chunks got together and created "Chunklets". These are wee little "mini" Charms measuring 1 & 1/2" square packaged similar to the Charm. 5 pieces of overdyed wool, with each of the 24 Chunklets named after the parent Chunk. All this in a reusable bag.

Parent Chunks are: Felted Tans, Felted Greys, Autumn, Brights, Bubba, Christmas, Cottage, Critter, Fallty, Flower, Girly, Irish, Minty, Primitive, Punkin, Rainbow, Spring, Twinkle, Lollypop, Rainbow Sherbet, Unicorn, Salt & Pepper, Pepper & Salt, and finally...Jewels.

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  • Chunklets 1.5" sq