City Livin' Pattern

  • CITY LIVIN’ Wall Quilt Pattern by Tonye Phillips

    Take a close look at the fabrics used in the squares and strips for the main body of these houses. Most are “fussy” cut specifically for the shapes and lines presented in that particular spot on each printed fabric. By taking the time to study different prints, this process can add a lot of interest in unique ways. In this pattern the use of black and white aids in the enhancement of the other colors plus it gives the quilt a more contemporary look and feel. Keep this in mind when you really want your colors to shine.

    Black Background: 1/2 yard
    Houses: Assorted scraps of large and small
    contemporary fabrics
    Roofing: 1 fat quarter
    Tree Trunk: 1 1/2” x 42” strip
    Leaves: Assorted green wool scraps
    Solid Gray House & Inner Border:
    1/4 yard cut width of fabric – not a fat quarter
    Outer Print Border: 1/3 yard
    Backing: 1 yard
    Binding: 1/3 yard
    Quilt Batting: 29” x 35”


    Finished Size: 25” x 31”
    Designer: Tonye Phillips
    Type: Printed Quilt Pattern - Piecing & Appllique
    Subject: Houses, Tree

    Required for Quilter's Affair Class # 416