Slow Stitch Art Book

Slow Stitch Art Book

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In this beautifully illustrated book, Shelley Rhodes explores the concepts of working large then fragmenting into smaller pieces in order to reconstruct new work which she relates to the Japanese concepts of wabi-sabi (finding beauty in imperfection) and mottainai (using every last scrap). She shows how she takes inspiration from small fragmented objects, which sometimes become part of the finished work and how she uses salvaged and recycled materials and repurposes household items.

Salley demonstrates methods of distressing and manipulating surfaces, before repairing with pins, tape, adhesive, wire and plaster as well as a range of approaches to stitching, darning and patching.

These concepts are illustrated with Shelley’s own pieces alongside those of other leading artists, this book is the ideal companion for any textile artist wanting to bring notions of fragility, fragmentation and repair into their own work.

Publisher: Batsford

Publication Date: 2021

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 8.85 x 0.65 x 11.15 inches

Pages: 128

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