Jacquard Textile Color - 122 Black fabric paint
Jacquard Textile Color 122 Black

Jacquard Textile Color 122 Black

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Jacquard Textile Color is the artist’s standard for professional-quality fabric paints. It is permanent and colorfast on both synthetic and natural fabrics, including stretchy fabrics, and can be used on other porous and semi-porous surfaces like wood and leather. Jacquard Textile Color leaves fabric as soft as possible and holds up exceptionally well to washing. It resists chipping, cracking, or peeling, even with repeated wear and washing. These medium-bodied paints are semi-transparent and intense when applied straight from the bottle, but you can add up to 25% water to increase transparency and reduce viscosity. You can also mix it with Jacquard’s Colorless Extender to greatly increase transparency without affecting the consistency.

Size: 2.25 fl oz/66.54 ml
Vendor SKU: 122
UPC: 743772112204

painting, block printing, mono printing, stenciling and stamping

natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, shoes, canvas, paper and more

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