Copic Multiliner Set B - 4 Broad Nib Inking Pens (Black)


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  • All-purpose Copic Multiliner inking pens are water-based pigment ink and water-proof – the ink will not bleed with water after the pen line has completely dried. Multiliners are the ideal choice when consistent line flow and precision counts. The black Multiliners offer nine options of nib sizes. This "B" set has 4 broad nib pens - .05, .08, BS (fine line brush tip), & BM (thick line brush tip).

    Do not use except for drawing or writing.
    Do not drop or shake the pens because the ink may leak out.
    Always recap tightly after use.
    The stains of water pigment ink on clothes may not be cleaned off.
    Do not store in a high temperature.
    Keep Out of Reach of Children.
    Always carry with the nib upward.


    Manufacturer: Copic
    Item: Multiliner Set B
    Color: Black
    Sizes: .05, .08, BS, & BM
    UPC: 4511338052709