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Cancelled - 04/08-10/2020 - Create Your Own Fabric with Sharon Carvalho (3 Sessions)


Learn how to layer images and marks on a computer and then print the image onto fabric.
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  • Sharon Carvalho - Create Your Own Fabric Digital Surface Design Workshop

    9am-3pm, Wednesday-Friday, April 8-10, 2020

    Have you ever wanted to create your own fabric on the computer but were not sure how to go about it? Using just a few simple-to-follow techniques, we will explore my own photo-editing tricks with one of your own photos and a variety of layers such as DIY scribbles or marks. The instructor will facilitate transformation of items such as interesting images, favorite photos, surface design products, and scribbles/doodles into an original piece of digital art that can be printed onto fabric or rice paper and then included in your next art quilt. Resources and options for using prints will be discussed.

    Day 1 – You will learn the fundamentals of using simple images along with photo editing programs to create designs for printing onto fabric.
    Day 2 – Day 2 – You will continue experimenting with how to modify images as well as learn the basics of printing images onto various fabrics.
    Day 3 – You will have the opportunity to continue exploring various layering and blending techniques as well as create a small wall hanging, if desired, with discussion of various options for using your prints.