Crew Pincushion Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander

Designer: Carolyn Friedlander
Type: Printed Pattern for Sewing Pin Cushions

Required for Quilter's Affair Class # 523 (Sewing Stuff)
  • Carolyn Friedlander: Crew Pincushion Pattern

    Finished size: 11 pincushion sizes in varying shapes ranging small to large.

    Just like how you’d want different pins for different projects, the perfect pincushion is also a variable need depending on the function, the pin itself, the location (traveling requires a special set of needs!) and the cuteness.

    Carolyn's Crew pincushion pattern is a collection of pincushion options in all shapes and sizes–-quilted, not quilted–pieced, not pieced–-many of which originated with favorite sizes of her own.

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