Day in Paris by Zen Chic for Moda - 1684-15M Chartreuse


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LINE: Day in Paris
GENRE: Modern
CONTENT: 100% Cotton
WIDTH: 44”/45”
COLOR: Chartreuse
UPC: 752106466203
SKU: 1684-15M
  • Moda Fabrics - Day in Paris by Zen Chic - 1684-15M Chartreuse

    Who wouldn't want to spend a day in Paris, the fashion capitol of the world? Zen Chic designer Brigitte Heitland's newest group, Day in Paris, reflects this extraordinary elegance and feminine flair with a color palette of cool aqua and chartreuse, a deep navy and a soft, pale pink, enhanced by little splashes of gold. These sophisticated fabrics create one of a kind, chic and stylish quilts! Brigitte shows her modern and sophisticated style in her quilt and fabric designs, which are characterized by shrewd simplicity and harmonious color.