05/14-15/2021 - Decorative Stitching/Embroidery with Tonye Phillips at Stitchin' Post


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  • Tonye Phillips - Decorative Stitching/Embroidery - at the Stitchin' Post

    10 am - 4 pm, Friday-Saturday, May 14-15, 2021

    A stitcher's dream...this class is all about the embroidery stitches NOT the wool applique. If you have a project in progress, please bring it to class. Otherwise, prepare a small piece as listed in the supply list PRIOR to class. Then, you have two beautiful days to stitch with Tonye and learn new stitches or practice old ones.

    Decorative stitching/embroidery is making a big comeback! Experience the beautiful new threads that are available and immerse y ourself in the glorious colors and textures! You will bring to class a good quality wool felted project that you can embellish with newly learned embroidery stitches.

    Download the supply list on this page: https://stitchinpost.com/supply-lists