Dragonfly Quilt Pattern by Ann Shaw - Artisan Collection


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Designer: Ann Shaw
Type: Printed Quilt Pattern - Piecing with Templates
Subject: Dragonfly

Required for Quilter's Affair Class # 102-202
  • Artisan Collection: Dragonfly Quilt Pattern from Ann Shaw Quilting

    Dragonflies (Anisoptera) are wonders of nature. Strong, agile fliers, dragonflies dart effortlessly among stems and flowers. They move easily forward and backward, suddenly change direction and even remain stationary in flight. Their two pairs of wings shimmer with iridescent, metallic-like colors that have long made them a favorite of quilters. Dragonflies are found throughout the world, and in some cultures symbolize power and poise. This Artisan dragonfly pattern features this insect’s beautiful iridescent wing colors.