10/03/2020 - Dyeing with Lichens and Mushrooms with Casey Newman


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Lichens and mushrooms, oh my! A fun dyeing experience with a master of eco-printing.
  • Casey Newman - Dyeing with Lichens and Mushrooms

    9:30am - 1:30pm, Saturday, October 3, 2020

    Learn to create beautiful colors from two species of lichens and a mushroom that grows in Oregon. Together, we will dye samples of wool and silk fabric as well as wool yarn to see how different fibers take the dye. Additionally, each participant will dye a silk throw pillow cover to take home!

    This workshop will include instruction on how to prepare fabric for dyeing, using mordants, and adding modifiers to change colors. You will learn to identify these local species and we will discuss the ethics of collecting lichens and mushrooms. You will also be taught some simple shibori design techniques to create a pattern on your pillow cover, if desired.

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