Easy Press Starter Kit Piecing Products

  • Seam Align Gentle Hold Fabric Glue and Easy Press Pen with Easy Press Solution Starter Kit

    The Easy Precision Piecing System is a new way to gain better accuracy in piecing. It's not about perfection. It's meant to give you methods to make your corners more square, match your points and generally make things more pleasing to the eye. Your seams will lay flatter and your longarm quilter will love you! More accurate piecing makes for easier quilting!

    Seam Align glue is designed to gently hold two pieces of fabric together to prevent shifting. It will not leave a ring around the needle or mess up your sewing area. There is no hard dot of glue for a needle to hit and deflect. It is totally water soluble and non-toxic. Once the two pieces are aligned where you want them, set the iron on top for a few seconds to set the glue. If you make a mistake, don't worry--Seam Align pulls apart easily, without damaging the fabric or leaving a bunch of residue. Just reglue and carry on!

    Using the Easy Press Solution & Refillable Easy Press Pen: Press your sewn block seam open, and then use the Easy Press Pen to apply the Solution directly to the "high" side of the seam with the seam. Press to get a perfectly flat seam.

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