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Everyday Skirt Small Sewing Card Pattern by Valori Wells


Little girls can never have too many skirts! For sizes 5, 7, and 9, the Everyday Skirt is a simple skirt with an elastic waistband and a band at the hem in contrasting fabric. Choose a theme fabric for the body of the skirt and couple it with a colorful accent fabric for the bottom and waistband.

  • Everyday Skirt by Valori Wells

    Small Sewing Card Pattern

    Materials Needed:

    Size 5
    1” Elastic: 21”
    Skirt Length: 10”
    Main Fabric: 2/3 yd
    Accent Fabric: 1/3 yd

    Size 7
    1” Elastic: 23”
    Skirt Length: 12”
    Main Fabric: 3/4 yd
    Accent Fabric: 1/3 yd

    Size 9
    1” Elastic: 25”
    Skirt Length: 14”
    Main Fabric: 7/8 yd
    Accent Fabric: 1/3 yd

    Vendor SKU: VWD 409