10/15-16/2020 - Fabric Painting with Inks with June Jaeger


June Jaeger - Fabric Painting with Inks

9am-3pm, Thursday & Friday, October 15 & 16, 2020

Here is your chance to do something off the wall. Using inks as paints, you will create your own fabric picture. You choose the subject by bringing a photo of your own. We will enlarge this onto high-grade fabric you will learn how to control the inks, creating value changes, intensity, sharpness of line and texture. You will not be limited to realism. June will share color blending and other tricks as you surprise yourself with how easy it is to successfully recreate your photo. Finishing and quilting to enhance your painting will be discussed.

Download the supply list on this page: https://stitchinpost.com/supply-lists

  • Learn how to use inks to paint on fabric with June's expert instructions, to create a representation of an image of your choice.