Fantastix Brush Tip Applicator w/Cap

  • - As natural in the hand and as easy to control as a marker
    - Absorbent fibers allow for precise application of inks and other materials
    - We carry the conical ("brush") tip style. Use the side of a brush tip for larger areas and the tip for detailed work.
    - Use with a variety of different mediums including Fireworks! Shimmery Craft Sprays, All-Purpose Inks, and even dry mediums like chalks.
    - Reusable, just use the cap to keep them inky
    - Please note: Fantastix tips cannot be sharpened but can be reshaped by cutting the foam fibers. Do not peel the plastic barrel
    - Conforms to ASTM D-4236


    Fantastix applicators are paint brushes for inks. Soak water-based or solvent-based liquid ink into Fantastix barrel to create a marker or brush. Use to color on paper, fabric and other surfaces.