Forest Babes Y2919-19 by Helen Dardik for Clothworks


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VENDOR : Clothworks
COLLECTION : Forest Babes
DESIGNER : Helen Dardik
GENRE : Novelty Print, Childrens
CONTENT : 100% Cotton
WIDTH : 44”/45”
COLOR : Green
SKU : Y2919-19
  • Helen Dardik is a professional illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Canada. Vibrant, folksy, playful too-muchery is a perfect way to describe her style. Helen uses the magic of imagination combined with the magic of Adobe illustrator... but often watercolor, oil, gouache, embroidery and vinyl find their way into her repertoire. Finding inspiration in her childhood, her 3 little girls, nature, vintage books and midcentury design, Helen is determined to make her life into the most creative experience.