Hugs & Kisses No. 9 Quilt Pattern - Blue Nickel Studios by Scott Hansen

Create a beautiful, modern, row style quilt with this pieced pattern by Scott Hansen.
Required for Quilter's Affair 2020 Workshop #205
Finished Size is 62 1/2” x 84”

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  • Quilt Pattern: Hugs & Kisses #9 by Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios

    Hugs and Kisses No. 9 is a modern, angular take on the traditional X’s and O’s found in love letters. Great quilt for examining how fabrics play whether by contrasting or blending together in textile melodies and harmonies. Simple piecing and color play make Hugs and Kisses No. 9 a great quilt to whip up for cuddling with your Sweetie while watching your favorite movie or TV show!

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