Kismet PWVW013.PLUM

  • Kismet by Valori Wells - PWVW013.PLUM
    from Free Spirit Fabrics

    From Valori: Kismet was inspired by Bali, the lush colors, design and vibrant people. The culture of the Balinese is unlike any other. Their kindness, love, and playfulness is infectious. Kismet is a collection of experiences from the tropical land, stories of laughter and connection that sunk into my soul. Enjoy the magic of Bali.

    VENDOR : FreeSpirit Fabrics
    LINE : Kismet
    DESIGNER : Valori Wells
    GENRE : Contemporary
    CONTENT : 100% Cotton
    WIDTH : 44"
    COLOR : Plum, Magenta, Purple
    UPC : 803081012753
    SKU : PWVW013.PLUM