Manzanita 6oz candle tin from Broken Top Candle Co.

Handmade in Bend OR
Burn Life: 6 oz. up to 35 hours

Wax: 100% natural US grown soy bean wax.
Wicks: 100% cotton wicks.
Oils: Phthalate-free premium fragrance oils.
  • Manzanita has two different meanings here in our beloved home state of Oregon. A manzanita is a bush like plant native to the Northwest that has leather like leaves and white to pink colored blossoms that flower in the Spring. Manzanita is also a quaint little town located on the Oregon Coast, boasting a population of just over 600 people and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The characteristics of our Manzanita fragrance are highly floral with notes including jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia. The combination reminds us of the iconic Hawaiian Plumeria, which has very similar physical features of the Manzanita, and stunning beauty.