Modern Log Jam Quilt Pattern by Jackie Erickson for Stitchin' Post

Use the Log Jam technique to create unique and original quilt blocks using scrappy long strips. The strips do not need to be cut straight–the more crooked the better. You also don’t need to follow the 1/4” seam allowance–it can be any size you choose, just make sure it is not too small, or you will end up with seams that will split or pull apart when quilting. Fabric requirements for both versions are included below.
  • Log Jam
    Finished quilt size approximately 51” x 62”
    Fabric Requirements:
    Fabric amounts depend on the width of the fabric strips–
    and the narrower the strips, the more fabric you will need.

    Approximate amounts (and these are just guide lines):
    2 - 3 yards for a crib size or throw
    5 - 6 yards for a twin
    9 - 10 yards for a queen
    12 - 13 yards for a king


    Modern Jam
    Finished size 48” x 66”
    Fabric Requirements:
    Solid Fabrics: Scraps equalling approximately 3 yards.
    Additional Fabric needed:
    1 3/4 yards solid white for background in quilt.