09/03/2020 - Moebius Lacy Cowl with Nancy Hamilton


Nancy Hamilton - Mobeius Lacy Cowl

10 AM - 1 PM, Thursday, September 3, 2020

What is Moebius knitting and how do you do it? Nancy will teacjm h you the Moebius cast on which is the foundation to success when using the Moebius technique. You will learn a new twist in knitting. One that is fun, quirky and will make you want to make more Moebius projects.

Lacy Moebius Cowl pattern by Cat Bordhi is available as a free download on her website: https://catbordhi.com/patterns/cashmere-moebius-cowl-2/

Download the supply list on this page: https://stitchinpost.com/supply-lists

  • Come meet with Nancy to explore all things Moebius. Using a graceful pattern by Cat Bordhi, Nancy will teach you the intrigue of Moebius knitting.