Moon Over Mountain Pattern

  • Moon Over Mountain
    by Jean Wells

    Summer Solstice - finished size - 90" x 90"
    Summer Solstice features an elongated “Moon Over the Mountain” quilt block drafted by Jean Wells. This is a scrap style quilt with a planned theme for the fabrics. Our quilt’s fabrics represent the colors and textures of the mountains, foothills, canyons, and the moon with its many phases. The instructions are for freezer paper appliqué. The freezer paper templates form a base around which the fabric is shaped, glue-sticked in place, and then machine appliquéd using invisible thread. Finished size of the block is 12” x 14”.

    Mt. Fuji - finished size - 39" x 51"
    This smaller version of Summer Solstice combines the larger Moon Over the Mountains blocks with smaller blocks. A very narrow border and accent stripes are added using one of the moon fabrics to set off the quilt and give it an Asian feel. Finished size of the large blocks are 12” x 14” and the small blocks are 6” x 7”.

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