Neitherlands Quilt Pattern by Jen Carlton Bailly

Finished Quilt Sizes: 72" x 72" and 80" x 80"
Designer: Jen Carlton Bailly
Type: Printed Quilt Pattern - Curved Piecing using Templates
Subject: Geometric
  • Jen Carlton Bailly's Neitherlands Quilt Pattern

    In The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman, the Neitherlands are sort of the place between all places. It's how you get from A to B. The Neitherlands is a transitional world that contains portals to planets throughout the Multiverse, including Earth and Fillory. This block reminds me of an aerial view of hedge maze and the center represented portals to even more sub mazes. The imagery filled Jen's head while she read the books. A coloring sheet is included with this pattern.

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