Pin Pals Pincushions Kit featuring fabrics by Valori Wells

Pin Pals Pincushions Kit
Book : Pin Pals - 40 Patchwork Pinnies, Poppets, and Pincushions with Pizzazz by Carrie nelson
Fabric : Assorted Valori Wells fabrics paired with various solid background & backing fabrics


To complete this kit you will need:
The book Pin Pals by Carrie Nelson
Thin batting
Pincusion stuffing (poly stuffing, walnut shells, etc)
  • Pin Cushion Kit - Pin Pals

    Featuring fabrics designed by Valori Wells
    Book Required: Pin Palls by Carrie nelson for Martingale Publishing

    Pretty. Playful. Pinnies! Best-selling author Carrie Nelson packs 40 adorable pinnies with personality! Pincushions are quick to stitch and so addicting--no quilter can make just one. And why make just one when they're so easy to create? Simply sew, quilt, turn, and stuff! Display them as singles or in pleasing piles. You'll want to sew just for the joy of it.

    Our kit consists of 40 - 3" x 10" strips of Valori Wells fabric, with a variety of solid backgrounds and backing fabrics. you should be able to make 6 - 12 pincushions with this kit.)