08/21-09/18/2020 - Pitch Cardigan Sweater with Nancy Hamilton


Nancy Hamilton - Pitch Cardigan Sweater

10 am - 1 pm, Fridays, August 21 to September 18, 2020

This class is the beginning of our fall knitting classes. This class runs for five weeks. The first meeting will be held in the Stitchin Post classroom and will focus on getting you started on the pattern. You will pick out your yarn and we will go over the pattern together. Sizing, measurements and yarn requirement for your size will be discussed.

After the initial meeting, in order to honor social distancing, you may make an appointment on Fridays, two people at a time, in half hour increments. This is a scheduled time specifically to meet with Nancy for personal assistance. The work on this particular pattern is scheduled for the next five weeks.

Pitch pattern, designed by Emily Greene, is available on Ravelry (see link below) for $9.00.

Download the supply list on this page: https://stitchinpost.com/supply-lists

Purchase the pattern from Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pitch-6

  • Pitch is a striking coat that pairs classic cables and moss stitch with a chic silhouette. Cabled bands travel up the open fronts, unexpectedly pitching away from the center to travel diagonally down the shoulders and back, while simultaneously flowing into ribbed lapels. Pitch is a timeless piece with plenty of contemporary flourish.