Chalk Cloth Black

Chalk Cloth Black

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Chalk board cloth: Draw on with chalk and easily wipe off.  Fun for children's projects, coasters, placemats, etc. 

Usage: Chalkcloth is portable, lightweight and erasable; you can sponge it clean with water to renew. It is important to cure your new chalkcloth before you use it the first time. This is done by laying a piece of chalk on its side on the surface of the chalkcloth and rubbing it all over - side to side and top to bottom. Then repeat this process again. Your chalkcloth is now ready for use.

Black Chalkcloth acts like a fabric chalkboard. Use Chalkcloth to create fun placemats that kids can write and draw pictures on or floor mats that can be drawn on for indoor hopscotch and other games. Upholster a fun headboard where morning greetings and special messages can be written. Black Chalkcloth can be used as a teaching tool in a home school or traditional classroom. Sew fun aprons that can be used by many people by just erasing the name and writing the name of the new cook. Create custom bags to use at a wine tasting to identify the wine or at a bridal or baby shower for games and giveaways. Upholster a timeout bench that can be personalized with the time necessary and name. Other uses for Black Chalkcloth include craft projects, gift wrap, picture frame molding, tote bags and many more fun projects.Content: 

  • 97% Pvc, 3% Polyester Cotton
  • Width: 42"/43"
  • Color: Black

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