Wool Blend Felt - 1100 White

Wool Blend Felt - 1100 White

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20% Wool, 80% Rayon from   National Nonwovens

Rayon and Wool blend felt is a less expensive alternative to 100% wool felt, but sill made from natural fibers. Use for any projects that call for felt - this might be able to be substituted for felted wool in some cases, depending on the application. Made in the USA. Dry Clean Only.
  • Manufacturer: National Nonwovens
  • Description: Wool Blend Felt
  • Content:  20% Wool, 80% Rayon
  • Width: 36"
  • Color: 1100 White
  • SKU: F058910

Uses: Craft projects, embroidery, penny rugs, coasters, Christmas ornaments, etc.

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