Stabilo Pen 88 Mini Set 12

Stabilo Pen 88 Mini Set 12

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The instantly recognizable STABILO point 88 fineliner is a timeless classic. No matter whether you wish to structure your texts in color, underline, take notes or sketch, these pens have you covered. A 0.4mm line width and excellent quality makes this a product you can rely on and enjoy using every day. Colors in set are yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple, blue, lime green, emerald green, brown, and black.

The STABILO point 88 is the perfect companion for students and professionals alike. First released in 1977, this product is appreciated around the globe for its quality and usability. It is currently Europe's No.1 fineliner. The famous hexagonal body shape of the STABILO point 88 makes it very comfortable to grip. Thanks to the long cap-off time you won’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it off. Boxed set of 10 fine line marking pens. (Note: These are designed for paper - no information on how they would work for fabric.)

  • Manufacturer: Stabilo
  • Size: 0.4 mm
  • Type: Fineline Marking Pen - Set of 10
  • SKU: SW8810
  • UPC: 4006381217842

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