12/03/20-12/12/20 - Repeated Block Printing ONLINE with Valori Wells

  • Valori Wells - Repeated Block Printing ONLINE class

    Thursday, December 3, 2020 - Instructional video emailed
    10:00 am PST, Saturday, December 12 - Zoom call

    Have you ever wondered how artists create repeated design motifs? Now is your chance to learn from fabric designer, Valori Wells just how to create your own square repeated block design.

    Valori will guide you through two different block techniques - the drawing, carving and printing processes ending with your own fabric design. You will start with simple lines that morph into an interesting, intricate design; or create a stand-alone block that can be combined in a configuration that creates secondary and tertiary designs. Either way, you are sure to feel like a budding fabric designer.

    An instructional video will be sent to participants on December 3rd followed by a live Zoom call with Valori on December 12, 2020. This call will be recorded and sent to you for viewing whenever and as often as you choose.

    Please Note: This class is based on the fact that participants know the basics of block printing. It is an intermediate level online class. Don't have the basics nailed down? No problem. Check out Valori's "Basic Block Printing" class in November. The instructional video will be emailed on November 24th with the Zoom call on December 5th. With that class under your belt you will be ready to join her for the intermediate class in December.

    Download the supply list on this page: https://stitchinpost.com/supply-lists