Rosalie Dace - Video 2 - Getting There From Here: How Do We Do It?

  • From our "Live from South Africa" Video Workshops: Continue your journey with Rosalie as she answers "Where do you start? How do you sort through your ideas? How do you know what to do?" in Lecture #2.

    How does an artist, in any medium, but particularly using our chosen medium of quilt making, find a starting point, know how to focus and edit their work, choose suitable techniques and bring the work to completion?

    Join us for this talk that offers a variety of approaches to the age old questions of How Do You Do It? How do I know where to begin and what to leave out? What do I do when I simply loathe what I have done? Enjoy looking at a variety of works, and see different individual solutions and possibilities to making original work.

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    (Video length: 1.75 hours)