Rosalie Dace - Video 5 - Dancing on a Tightrope: Risk Taking in Art

  • Continue your journey with Rosalie in her fifth lecture as she talks about challenging yourself to do something totally new that you may not have tried before. It may be a new color palette, a new design approach, or even totally new materials. Each session is a stand-alone lecture.

    Travelling a new path can be very scary, but we will look at how other artists have done it, and how you can find new views, freshness and excitement in your work, while having the safety net of what you already know. Take your quilt making and fibre / textile art to a whole new level!

    Please Note: This is a pre-recorded video. Upon purchase, you will be sent a link to download a pdf with the video's YouTube information & link. Please DOWNLOAD & KEEP the PDF in order to be able to reference the link at a later time. Video is approximately 2 hours long, and with the link, you can watch it as many times as you'd like.