Spirit Place Ecru SPE by Bernadene Wallace for M&S Textiles


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  • Bernadene Wallace is a well-known Aboriginal designer. She worked in Karingka Art Gallery for a period. "Spirit Place" is the corroboree ground. In all the tribal gatherings, many people gather around to celebrate corroboree. Bernadene's artworks beautifully depict men, women and children attending the corroboree. Lots of social and communal discussions take place in corroboree. The circles in dots depict that people are deeply involved in discussions setting around the waterholes. The over-shape semicircles are indicating pathways to travel. Small circles in middle depict fruit trees.

    MANUFACTURER: M & S Textiles
    COLLECTION: Dreamtime
    DESIGNER: Bernadene Wallace
    GENRE: Aboriginal
    CONTENT: 100% Cotton
    WIDTH: 44”/45"
    COLOR : Ecru, Multi
    SKU: SPE