Summer Skies AE204-BL4 Summer Clouds Blush by Alijt Emmens for Cotton + Steel

Vendor: Cotton + Steel, RJR
Colleciton: Summer Skies
Designer: Alijt Emmens
Genre: Nature, Animals, Novelty
Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 44"/45"
Color: Blush, Pink
SKU: AE204-BL4
*Note: First image is C+S's computer generated image of the fabric design. Second wider image is their photo of the actual fabric - colors may vary.*
  • Summer Skies AE204-BL4
    Summer Skies by Alijt Emmens for Cotton + Steel a is a delightful, airy collection with mountains, trees, and clouds, as well as styilized animals (foxes, hedgehogs, and ladybugs) and even some hangliders flying by! Aljit Emmens is a happy, full time illustrator and doodler from Amersfoort, a beautiful town in the Netherlands. Alijt’s adorable illustrations are inspired by everything tiny, cute, and of course, a bit chubby.