- Quilter's Affair Starter Pack - The Burbs - Sarah Fielke - 8 Fat Quarters


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Eight Piece Fat Quarter Bundle - 106 The Burbs

CONTENT : 100% Cotton
SIZE: 18" x 22"
TYPE : Fat Quarter

Jump start your fabric selection for "The Burbs". Our color experts put together this fat 1/4 collection as a starting point for your class project. Use our collection to spark your creativity and add your own fabrics from your stash, yardage, or another fat quarter bundle to round out your class supplies.
  • These requirements are for the whole quilt. Please note that they are approximate due to the improvisational nature of the quilt. You will not need to bring all this on the day - a yard of background and a good mix of bits and pieces for dresses, faces, legs, houses, roofs, trees and trunks....

    1 2/3 yards total for background of whole quilt (the fabric that will link your blocks together)

    1 2/3 yards total of background for behind the dolls, houses etc

    1 1/8 yards total for houses

    1/4 yard fabric for dolls faces and hands

    1/2 yard contrasting fabric for roofs, dolls legs, tree trunks etc

    Lots of small pieces of lovely things to piece your pictures with! You will want each piece for dresses and houses to be at least 6” square. Fat 16’s are ideal.