The Curiosity Experiment Cards

  • The Curiosity Experiment™

    The Curiosity Experiment™ unleashes the more vibrant, self-trusting, tuned-in YOU.

    Awaken your sense of curiosity and creativity and start the journey of creating the life you really want to live. Each question and experiment in the 64-card deck will help you get unstuck and generate momentum towards what you really want in your creative, business or personal life. Trust yourself, remove your limitations and experiment with life!

    Every card has a different beautiful photograph and the artwork of Valori Wells alongside the questions and experiments created by Kelly Sheets to prompt you think and create differently. Be curious and inspired! Shuffle the deck each day and choose a card. You will either get a question to ask yourself throughout the day or an experiment to try. Each deck includes a wooden easel to hold the card you choose so you can keep referring back to it.

    Bonus: Each deck currently comes with a Valori Wells handprinted bag to keep your cards organized. Available while supplies last.