The Fruit Basket Quilt - English Paper Piecing Pattern by Violet Craft

Designer: Violet Craft
Type: Printed Quilt Pattern for English Paper Piecing
Skill Level: All
Techniques/Skills Needed: Basic Hand Stitching

Required for Quilter's Affair Class # 222 & 422
  • Violet Craft - Fruit Basket English Paper Pieced Quilt Pattern

    Finished quilt sizes: 32" x 35" (if using the 1" hexagon templates) or 48" x 53" (if using the 1.5" templates)

    The Fruit Basket Quilt is an English Paper Piecing (EPP) project booklet containing 9 individual small projects perfect for wall hangings, pillows and more, or combined into a larger quilt design as shown on the cover.

    English Paper Piecing is a technique where fabric is wrapped around paper templates and secured with basting stitches or glue. The pieces are then sewn together by hand with a tiny whip stitch. This project booklet includes EPP instructions using the recommended glue basting technique.

    This pattern uses standard hexagon templates, which you cut apart to make several different shapes. The size of your hexagons determines the size of your finished project. You can theoretically use any size hexagon templates, although very large and very tiny templates will be more difficult to piece. (Hexagons are measured in size by the length of an edge.) Fabric requirements and sizes are provided for the recommended size of 1" or 1 1/2" hexagon templates. The pattern includes 100 1 1/2" hexagon templates to get you started. (The templates can be reused.)