09/23/19 - The Three Sisters: a Magical Trilogy with Deborah Fell (Deposit: 50% of $465)

5 Day Art Quilting Workshop: Learn raw edge applique, foundation piecing, hand stitching, and mixed-media mark making in this Art Quilt Symposium workshop with Deborah Fell!
  • Art Quilt Symposium - Deborah Fell -
    The Three Sisters: Raw Edge Applique, Foundation Piecing, Mark Making - a Magical Trilogy Quilt Workshop

    5-Day Workshop (includes lunches) Monday-Friday, September 23-27, 2019 - 9am-4pm

    Balance of workshop fee is due six weeks before the workshop begins.

    Quilting is intertwined with our history, the common thread that connects people to one another, generation to generation and cultures to other cultures. By its very essence, quilting is a celebration of the human condition and our stitches are the paths that bring us home after a long journey. This unique retreat-like workshop focuses on how quilting relates to you as an artist. Content includes finding inspiration in your work, celebrating your voice as an artist, and the power of breaking the rules, combined with exercises which focus on foundation piecing, raw edge applique and hand stitching. You’ll learn mixed media techniques and incorporate them into your work. This method celebrates the imperfect, the organic line, and making mistakes. Daily presentations and discussions focus on how your art relates specifically to these topics. You will walk away from this retreat workshop with a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as an artist along with a more refined artist vision. Lunch is included with this workshop.
    (Workshop price includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee.)