Totem Quilt Pattern by Carolyn Friedlander

Designer: Carolyn Friedlander
Type: Printed Pattern for Quilting
Techniques: Beginner paper / foundation piecing, basic piecing
Pre-cut friendly : Fat quarter friendly

Note: This is the quilt seen in the images for QA workshop # 423, but it is not required for the class.

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  • Carolyn Friedlander: Totem Quilt Pattern

    Finished size: 44 1/2" x 30" (+ 3 other size options)

    A textured racing stripe was what Carolyn had in mind when she designed her Totem quilt pattern. She was drawn to the idea of a vertical sampler, because of all of the directions you could take it.

    For the cover project,Carolyn stuck with mostly a red/orange/flame vs white/cream/gray palette, but she can see many other versions that play with contrast work, color play, and/or print scale. This project is the perfect canvas for playing with new ideas to make it your own!

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