- Quilter's Affair Starter Pack - Three Times A Forest - Scott Hansen - 8 Fat Quarters

Eight Piece Fat Quarter Bundle - 505 Three Times a Forest

CONTENT : 100% Cotton
SIZE: 18" x 22"
TYPE : Fat Quarter

Jump start your fabric selection for "Three Times A Forest". Our color experts put together this fat 1/4 collection as a starting point for your class project. Use our collection to spark your creativity and add your own fabrics from your stash, yardage, or another fat quarter bundle to round out your class supplies.

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  • When picking fabrics for Three Times a Forest, be sure to pick prints that go together, but create strong contrasts - this can mean value (light, medium, and dark) or it could mean solids and prints. The more contrast the more graphic and bold your design will be.

    1 yard of assorted Scraps for trunks/branches/ground

    3 yards of assorted Busy Prints with lots of “action” for trees and ground

    3 yards of assorted Contrasting/Subdued prints “quiet” ones or solids or texture prints for trees and ground.