Tula Pink - Monkey Wrench 108" Backing QBTP003.MANGO


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LINE : Monkey Wrench
VENDOR : Free Spirit
DESIGNER : Tula Pink
GENRE : Novelty Print
CONTENT : 100% Cotton
WIDTH : 108"
COLOR : Mango, Yellow, Pink
UPC : 803081009562
  • Monkey Wrench by Tula Pink

    QBTP003.MANGO Banana Backing

    Monkey Wrench tells the story of a mischievous monkey named Bananas. Just when everything is going smoothly and life is sailing right along in just the way that you planned for it to go, Bananas will show up to turn everything upside down. Bananas has a simple mission and that is to distract you from the mundane and introduce a little spontaneity into your life whether you like it or not. What you do with his interference is completely up to you. In Monkey Wrench you will meet Bananas and his two best friends Hiccup and Buttercup, the gossiping parrots. You will find Hiccup and Buttercup perched on your shoulder to divide your attentions and guide you deeper into Banana’s shenanigans. The Lady Bugs, dutifully disappearing into a sea of spots and the forgotten frogs camouflaged in the foliage also make an appearance. The real moral of the story though, is keep your eyes open and DON’T SLIP on the banana peels!