Vive La Difference with Rosalie Dace (Deposit: 50% of $460) Begins 9/24/2018

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  • 2018 Art Quilt Symposium Workshop:
    Vive La Difference! - Contrast in Composition with Rosalie Dace 

    5-day workshop (includes lunches)

     Monday-Friday, September 24 – 28, 2018 9-4 pm 

    Add vitality, variety and subtlety to your work by sharpening your understanding and use of the many forms of contrast, key to successful art and design. Discover how to give your compositions a more dynamic and sophisticated look. In a series of short manageable exercises we will explore contrast of value, color, line, shape, texture, size, scale and mood. Working with dark and light, big and small, hard and soft, warm and cool, straight and curved, calm and busy, rough and smooth, organic and curvy, you will find ways of adding visual impact and spark to your work. 

    The class is accompanied by exciting visual support with slides, books and actual textile examples. A short discussion will give a daily focus. You will be guided in making your own individual small daily paste-ups in fabric / paper. From these you will develop a larger quilt top. 

    Beauty, pleasure, and the good things of life are intensified, and perhaps only exist, by reason of contrast. (Walter J. Phillips) 

     Balance of workshop fee is due six weeks before the workshop begins. 
    (Workshop price includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee.)

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