Rock On with Rosalie Dace (Deposit: 50% of $460) Begins 8/27/2018

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  • Rosalie Dace - Rock On Art Quilt Workshop

    5-Day Workshop (includes lunches) Monday-Friday, August 27-31, 2018 - 9am-4pm

    Get down to earth with your quilts as you discover the beauty and design possibilities of rocks and stones as you learn how to make good design from natural sources.

    From tiny pebbles to mighty mountains, from smooth and round to sharp, faceted and jagged, rocks surround our world and make up much of the raw material of our planet, In this class we will look at images and actual stones to discover the rich variety of this extraordinary element, and using these as a basic design source you will build a richly colored and patterned quilt top. Your design may be based on small multiple pebbles, soaring monoliths, ancient symbolic lithographs, or exquisite gemstones.

    Emphasis will be on shape, color, texture and line. You may choose to piece, applique, fuse and stitch in a variety of fabrics of your choice to create an individual quilt top. Maybe you can even add some real stones as textural embellishment!

    (Workshop price includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee.)

    Balance of workshop fee is due six weeks before the workshop begins.

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