Zipper Pouches Sewing Card Pattern by Valori Wells

A pattern to make simple, lined square pouches with a zipper at the top from Valori Wells Designs.
  • Zipper Pouches

    Large Sewing Card

    Finished size varies (example is 8” x 8” x 1”)
    Featuring “Kismet” prints created by Valori Wells for FreeSpirit Fabrics

    Zipper Pouches are my go-to container for both smaller and larger items. The length of the zipper determines how wide the bag can be. The shape of the bag can range from square, to a vertical or horizontal rectangle, so you become the designer. Fabric choices can vary from decorator weight, to canvas, to quilting cottons. If you want to give quilting cottons a bit more body, use Shape-Flex interfacing. It is a light weight, woven, fusible interfacing. Think about what you might want to put in the zipper pouch and have fun!

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